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ADP5090 Bettery Mode

Question asked by jacky-chen-1 on Sep 7, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by LucaV

Dear All:

  If ADP5090 no voltage VIN Input into, at this VBAT Pin have 4.2V,1200mA/HR lithium-ion battery, available provide to VSYS working power, VSYS will within a few volts? if VSYS need a 5V,ADP5090 VBAT is boost Mode to VSYS? if VSYS do 3.3V ADP5090 VBAT is buck Mode to VSYS? still with my VBAT voltage change that?


  I saw ADP5090 Datasheet PrF "Figure 23. Detailed Functional Block Diagram "If VIN Input voltage into all of the BOOSTCONTROLLER and BATTERYBOOSTCONTROL are not actions, voltage OPA is only VABT when a comparator and MOSFET output directly to VSYS is the path?





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