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Seeking Simple FM Modulator/Demodulator

Question asked by bayviewboom on Sep 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by nickhoffman

(note, i submitted this to Analog Devices tech support; also posting here for extra suggestions. thx!)


We are a 501c3 federal nonprofit organization. Our mission is to mentor disadvantaged youths in electronics fabrication and design. Seeking a semiconductor chip or module that meets the specs below:


General Description: A simple analog RF transceiver/modulator/demodulator (or transmitter/receiver chip-set). Simple frequency modulation  is all i need, with an output suitable for driving an antenna.


Modulation Input: The Modulation input will be a variable analog signal, in the range of 100 Hz up to 10 Khz.



    -Transmitting in the range of 900 Mhz.

    -Integrated on-chip VCO.


Stability: Need PLL stability


Modulation bandwidth: The modulation-bandwidth should be equivalent to at least 16 bits of resolution (ie comparing the pre-modulation analog input with post demodulation analog output-- if that makes any sense.).


Analog/Digital: Simple analog end-to-end is fine; does not have to be a digital product. (External MCU control is a nice-to-have, but not required).


Seeking a low-cost, low external parts count, complete RF transceiver solution.


End product: The end product is a portable consumer audio device.