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AD7606 broken after some period of work

Question asked by Marian2 on Sep 8, 2014
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I have four channel version of AD7606 and after approx. one week of work in my application the outputted data reading freezing or not avaiable.

After restart if I move finger on the top of package of working device the outputted data are broken again or not avaiable.


I did some mistakes during design period:

- used 2 layer board and with multiple GND connections (common AGND, DGND) around

- joined AVCC with DVCC together

- unused channels are not placed to GND

- manufactured 30pcs of PCB with this application


However I still cannot imagine why (reason) is device destroyed after such period of time. The PCB change is a big issue now, do you have an

advice how to fix this issue? Please do not take to a details related to measurement accuracy - what I need right now is to have a functional device!


Many thanks.


Schematic is attached.

Marianschematic AD7606.JPG