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Analog Multiplier Questions

Question asked by diffuse371 on Sep 7, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by diffuse371

Hello, I have several questions about analog multipliers.


The AD633, with respect to AN-202 and thinking about the path of return currents, is the internal integrator of the output amplifier referred to -VE supply, as in the AD534? The schematic is not available anywhere for me to look myself.


The current output mode of the AD633 and AD534, I am curious as to how this works regarding summing multiple currents (say from 2 multipliers in current out mode) into the virtual ground node of an opamp integrator. In theory (and simulation) there are no concerns, but I wonder whether the current sensing is affected at all in this configuration?


Huge thanks to anyone who can help me with these questions!