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EVAL-ADAU170XEBZ trouble writing to EEPROM

Question asked by audiolab1 on Sep 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by BrettG

I've just started evaluating the ADAU1701 eval board and I am not able to write my compiled project to the on-board EEPROM. The code runs fine as confirmed by my Audio Precision, but the code is not loading to the EEPROM. I right click on the 1701 in the Hardware Configuration tab and select "Write latest complied to E2PROM". It goes through the write process but then when I reset the board there is no code loaded and no signal is passed. I'm pretty sure I have the switches and jumpers set correctly but the documentation is very vague in this area. Going under the read/write tab for the EEPROM and pressing "Download file to E2PROM" gives me an unhandled exception error and again nothing is loaded to the EEPROM. Any suggestions would be appreciated!