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behavior of 'write to input register' on AD56xx series

Question asked by mileblanc78729 on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2014 by mileblanc78729

I have a bench top setup where I am developing software for an AD5668.


When I write a value with the 'Write to Input Register n', the voltage output changes immediately to the new value.  I thought the process was to first write the value to this register and then use the "Update DAC Register n" command to cause the new value to be driven.  Nothing happens when I write to the "Update DAC Register n" register.


Similarly, when I write a value with the "Write to and Update DAC Channel n" command, the voltage output changes immediately.  This is what I would expect.


I guess this is leading to what is the difference between the "Write to Input Register n" command and the "Update DAC Register n" command?  They seem to behave the same.


Please enlighten me.  Thanks.