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overlaying NTSC video

Question asked by HankZ on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by mattp

Good afternoon,


I'm doing preliminary design on a device that will be overdriving a video stream that is NTSC encoded. (Analog, Composite Video, 675 and 1224 line raster)   By overdriving, I mean that we want to modify the video by overlaying another video stream (created by a simulator) onto the existing video.    We need the output to be in the same NTSC format.


I was looking at the ADV7401, as a way to overlay the second video stream.  Does this IC actually allow full video to overlay, or is it just text for CC?


I was also considering ADV7202 because it has both the encoder and decoder and was thinking that we could send the DOUT to an FPGA or other device to do the overlay, then send it back.  It looks like this part is nearing EOL.  Is there a replacement?


Any suggestions for devices to perform the video overlay so that we can save time by no needing to implement it in the FPGA?  Other suggestions for parts for this task?


Thanks so much