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[ADXL362] Changing ODR doesn't affect FIFO_WATER-MARK frequency

Question asked by Luca.C on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Luca.C

Good morning,

I'm working on an university project, using MSP430 (msp430fr5969) with ADXL362 as gesture recognizer.

I wrote my own libraries for the accelerometer communications, configurations and applications.


I don't know if I don't understand well how FIFO works or if it's just a bug in my code, or maybe something else.

As the title states, I'm not able to change the ODR in order to increase the FIFO WaterMark frequency.


I wrote a test program to focus only on this problem, still using my own libraries. I'm not using any external osc. I think the SPI communication is ok, since I can write and read from registers, in single and burst mode. The register is the right one (0x2C FILTER_CTL), since I'm able to succesfully modify the range, for example.


The configuration for the test application is:

  • Activity Threshold: 250,
  • Activity Timer: 0,
  • Inactivity Threshold: 150,
  • Inactivity Timer: 30,
  • FifoControl: AH | FIFO_OLDEST,
  • FifoSamples: 0xFF,
  • IntMap1: 0,
  • IntMap2: 0,
  • FilterControl: HALF_BW | ODR_12_5,
  • PowerControl: WAKEUP | MEAS_MODE