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AD9361-the difference between Datasheet and Application Note.

Question asked by Frank_zz on Sep 5, 2014
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Please refre to the information below:


In  CMOS Dual Port Full Duplex Mode(the Figure 11) of AD9361 Interface Spec v2.5


1. Did position change of P0_D[11:0] and P1_DP[11:0] ?


For example in AD9361 datasheet Pin Description, "P0_D1/TX_D0_P" is Digital Data Port P0/Transmit Differential Input Bus and "P1_D1/RX_D0_P" is Digital Data Port P1/Receive Differential Output Bus.application note.JPG

But the Figure 11 above the location of P0_D[11:0] and P1_D[11:0] is different from the datasheet.


The location of the two digital interface are in direct opposition to each other(datasheet & App. Note)


2. In Dual Port Full Duplexer Mode(Full port) of CMOS Level,

Is P0_D[11:0] output for RX data of AD9361?

Is P1_D[11:0] input for TX data of AD9361?

Which position is right, P0_D and P1_D?