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Adding Usb Serial to Sigma Studio?

Question asked by MaxAudioDSP on Sep 4, 2014

Hi to everyone,


I want to embed the functionality of an USBi in a custom board


wich have USB dev functionality.


From the Sigma Studio docs I know Sigma Studio is not released with an open source license.


I also know little about Sigma Studio scripting functionality but I think it uses the driver


in the SS instal directory, so USBi, wich is a CyUSB device type, and an FTDI Usb-to-serial but is discontinued.


I'm an engineer, with experience in .NET and microcontrollers, and I need to implement this for work, and i think


Sigma Studio needs the standard USB to Serial functionality (i.e. serial com block) wich routes commands from


the Pc software to the serial port with a protocol of the type




wich is very common and largely used in various systems.


I ask for help or some suggestions, but I'm also offering as a volunteer for adding the functionality by myself and share the results


with the community.


Thank you