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About ADV7441A audio output

Question asked by WilliamLian Employee on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by DaveD

DVD player as the HDMI source of ADV7441,  when the DVD palyer runig be broken for a while  due to the disk error, after the break, the video output of ADV7441A be recoverd at once, but the audio output can not be recovered, only reconfigure the ADV7441, the audio recover.

when issue occred, customer has done action for trouble shooting


1) connect the DVD player output to TV,  the audio output is OK.

2) Measured the ADV7441 audio ouput, the SLCK, LRCLK and MCLKOUT are normal, but the I2S data is abnormal.

3) can not recover the issue by modify the AUDIOPLL_PDNAUDIO_PLL_RESETMCLKPLLEN

4) confirmed that when issue occurred , teh 0x86[5]=0,  meean audio is not muted.



need ADI enginner help to analysis the cause of this issue.


refer to attached register value file, the Audio_mute.txt is the register setup when issue occured; the Audio_normal.txt is the register setup when normal operation.