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Selection guidance needed (Analog RF programmatic delay lines)

Question asked by on Sep 3, 2014
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Hello All,


I have a question about what hardware from Analog Devices I could use to delay an RF signal in a programmatic manner.


The input signal x(t) has bandwidth 100MHz, and is centered around a carrier frequency of 2.4GHz.


I want N outputs (N=8, say), such that output 'i' is x(t - Ti), where Ti is the delay imposed at the 'i'th output. The maximum value of Ti is 10ns.


These delays Ti are independent, and I should be able to programmatically (say, through USB, or a serial interface) set these values. Any pointers on which product might be a match for me?


Thanks in advance for your help! I have posted a little block diagram if a clarification is needed.