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ADV7480 to MIPI

Question asked by HankZ on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by GreggMack

I have been tasked with designing a DaughterCard with the Analog Devices ADV7480


Our board will accept HDMI input signals, pass them to the ADV7480, which will convert the video to MIPI CSI-2, which we will pass on to a connector.


I have only had access to the limited amount of technical data for the ADV7480 device that I could download from the Analog Devices web site.


Using only that information, I have created my best shot at a schematic using this ADV7480 device.


I can attach the subset of our schematic that would be relevant to you, and ask that someone at Analog Devices look it over and let me know if any changes are needed.


Thank you.