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ZC702 / FMCOMMS-1 Troubleshooting

Question asked by ESquared on Sep 3, 2014
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Our customer has previous experience with the FMCOMMS-1 and the ZEDBOARD.  They had no issues.  Now they are trying to get a ZC702 board up and running and have hit a roadblock.

Here are the steps they took:


-setup default jumpers except SW16 for SD card boot

-setup SD image using
zynq-zc702-adv7511-xcomm boot files to root
-connected everything as directed, fmcomms board in J3 (FMC1)

-powered up

-updated applications and boot images using as directed

-copied new boot files to root


-launch iio

However, they cannot find any ADC devices in the application (cannot acquire any plots).


Is there a troubleshooting guide?