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ADT7301 EVAL board documentation and software

Question asked by Lionelwallace Employee on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by Lionelwallace

I received this question from a customer:


Can you tell me if the EVAL-ADT7301EBZ  comes with some sort of driver SW?  I couldn’t find a user’s guide on either the Avnet site nor the ADI site. We are interested in running a unit through our temp chamber a few times and I need to know if we need to write a data logging routine.

I looked as well I couldn't find anything.  On page 13 of the ADT7301 datasheet, there is a code snippet, but I'm not sure how much this help when it comes to interfacing the EVAL board to a PC.  Any other suggestions or documentation for the EVAL board available?