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usb verification on custom 526 board

Question asked by esfld on Sep 21, 2010
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I'm a complete newbie to USB, wondering if someone can give me some advice about the easiest way to verify that the usb connectivity for my custom 526 board is working correctly?  I figure that if I can just verify that the PC recognizes a connection, and my 526 is enumerated as a device, I should be okay.  All I want to do at this point is verify that it will work.


I thought it might be a good idea to take an example from the 526 ez-kit which accomplishes this, and port it to my hardware.  To that end, I took the usb audio app example, changed the settings to match my external memory, and tried to run it, but when I plug in a USB cable I get a message from my PC that says "USB device not recognized" and a message from visual dsp saying "USB communications error - failed to halt target".


Now, one difference between my hardware and the ez-kit is that I have a standard 'B' input on my board, versus a mini-'A' input on the ez-kit.  But, this is a peripheral application, so this should work, shouldn't it?  The USB_OTG_DEV_CTL register setting at this point seems to indicate that it is expecting a 'B' type connection...