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PVP-Conv configuration module not working

Question asked by Sarathkumar on Sep 2, 2014
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I am working on BF609. I have configured PVP-EPPI structure as shown in the screenshot. But its not working as expected.


when I have confugured it as,



           |---->CONV0  ---->| (X)

IPF0-->|                         |--> ACU (subtraction)

           |----> CONV1 ---->| (Y)


It gives me subtracted image.

but, subtracting original image with convoluted image gives me wrong data.(as IPF0 -PORT0 is giving zero for all pixels at ACU end.


           |---->CONV0  ----> CONV1 ---->|(X)

IPF0-->|                                            |--> ACU (subtraction)



I have used same IPF0-PORT0 for CONV0 and ACU-Y.



what might be the mistake?


should i add delay between IPF0-->ACU to synchronous with CONV1-->ACU.? then, how could i do add the dalay?