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How to config ADL5387-Evalz as an I/Q demodulator ?

Question asked by Weerawat on Aug 31, 2014
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I am studying to use an evaluation board : ADL5387-evalz as an I/Q demodulator. I tried to read the datasheet but I still have some questions. Please help to suggest the systematic wiring/connection between below purposed system and this AADL5387 eval board.


2014-08-31 16-26-04_Please provide IQ according to my application - - .jpg

2014-08-31 16-33-05_Product Image - Google Chrome.jpg


1. Is it correct to connect 110 MHz.(as a RF signal) to the "RF" port of this eval board ?


2. Which LO port(LOP or LO_SE or LON) should I select for connecting with 220 MHz. (as a LO signal) ?

3. For the output signal meaning for I and Q , Which type should I use ? ==> HI or LO



Thank you in advance