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wide band hight gain amplifier

Question asked by nierveze on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by bkamak

hello everyone,

I need to build a wide band amplifier (as wide as possible 3 ghz would be nice)

and very hight gain rf amplifier : 90 dBS to 100dbs are necessary.The use is an if amplifier in a millimetric wave receiver

that is a radiometer on 90GHz. I am thinking of using cascaded ADL5602. I need 5 to get the required gain.

Is it possible? What are the necessary precautions to avoid feedback? The amplifier needs to be perfectly stable.

NF is not a very important problem as the diode mixer will have 5 or 6 dBs of noise. It will be followed by a diode detector and amplifications with op amps. I'd like to have some opinions.Are there any

amplications notes? Today with samples (thanks Analog Devices ) I built two prototypes on two small fr4 boards with sma connectors

and separate voltage regulators ,and connected them together in front of

a spectrum analyzer: no regeneration beetween 500MHz and 3 GHZ even if the input of the first one is left open.But it is only two....5 can be another affair.

Thanks for your opinion.Maybe it is not the ggod solution,maybe someone will have another idea...I am 'open'

to everything.Thanks

Best regards

Alain Nierveze