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ADE7953, how to convert IAPEAK / IBPEAK  register values to real values when using CT coils

Question asked by karens on Aug 28, 2014
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I need to get the ADE7953 current (channel A and B) and voltage peak value when connecting to CT coil. Since CT coils have different full ranges (such as 100A, 200A, 600A). Upon the hardware design, I must use the gain of 1 on both channel A and B. Upon the data sheet, section "Current Channel ADCS", the ADC output swings between -6,500,000LBs to +6,500,000LBs. Also the full current ranges are vary between CT coils. My questions are:


1. can I still use 6,500,000 as the full range of the register value?

2. What is the easy way (equation) to calculate current peak value for CT coils (different ranges). 

2. Is there anything should I pay attention to in order to read current peak value reading with CT coils (different ranges)?