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Twenty-fourth octave filter and output level measurement - ADAU1761?

Question asked by Gerry1 on Sep 20, 2010
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I need to implement a 1/24 octave BW filter for use in stepped sine frequency response testing (20-20000 Hz) in a prototype test and measurement setup. The filter would be centered on each measurement frequency in turn and the signal amplitude measured (also 1/24 octave spacing of measurement frequencies).


I'm wondering if it might be possible to do this with the ADAU1761  - using the EVAL-ADAU1761Z board and SigmaStudio?


Is it possible to implement such a loop structure in SigmaStudio, where the digital filter would be stepped through center frequencies in turn?


Could the ADAU1761 eveluation board be used to carry out the level measurement of the filter output? An accuracy of +/-0.5 dB would be adequate.


Any advice would be appreciated.