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ADuC706x: functionality of ADC0GN and ADC1GN

Question asked by V.M. on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by ABuda

Is there a place in the datasheet that discusses the ADC0GN and ADC1GN registers?

Search of the datasheet for these shows only two places: Tables 53 & 54 on page 51 (Rev.D 4/12 datasheet), and Table 21 on page 30. There is no information on what is the effect of value changes of these two registers. (Some important info re: use and timing is provided, but not the effect these registers have on the A/D output).




1.) What is the formula for calculating the output of the A/Ds with any (or specific) values of the Gain registers?

2.) What is the "granularity" (resolution) of the A/D gain adjustment using these two registers (respectively and separately, for Main and for Auxiliary ADCs).

3.) Is there any document where this info is discussed?