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Zedboard + FMCOMMS2 Comms Problem

Question asked by mike.baker Employee on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by dpu

I am trying to get communication between my Zedboarrd+FMCOMMS2 and my PC with Simulink going following these instructions:


  1. I have had success downloading and installing the library files and Simulink examples for my PC.
  2. I confirmed the IP address for my Zedboard  and can ping that address on my local network
  3. On the Zedboard, I am using IIO Scope version 0.8 and I set all the parameters according to the example shown in the link


I get the following error message from Simulink: "Could not connect to the IIO server!".


This could be due to LIBIIO not properly working on either end (PC or Linux), or due to a faulty Ethernet connection.

Right now I am trying to narrow it down to one of the three.

I did some changes to the Ethernet connection.

I followed the instructions on page 24 and 25 in the Zedboard guide GS-AES-27EV-72020-G-V7.pdf..

I can ping the Zedboard form the PC and vice versa.

I can also open the Zedboard web page

I still get the error message above which makes me think that this is a software problem with the IIO driver.


Is it possible that I have to upgrade my software on the Zedboard?

And if so, what is the best way of doing that?

Currently I don’t have internet access with the Zedboard because our network does not permit it.