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AD790JNZ External hystersis

Question asked by philm on Aug 27, 2014
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Hello everyone,


I am creating a comparator circuit which will take a triangle wave and turn it into a square wave. Now, for my Vref, I do not have a fix input. I have it adjustable in the sense that it is a DAC (Schematic is attached). This will allow me to adjust the duty cycle.


Now, I am wanting to add hysteresis. IN some circuits that I have seen, it looks like I add some feedback from the output to the input and there you go! But, I m using a DAC. So, would I just take the DAC output and place it in a voltage divider? I am also looking to make the hysteresis adjustable so just to double check, I would use pots, correct?


And yes, the comparator is being powered by 5 V and connected to ground.


Forgive me if I a masking simple questions, I am very new to op amps and comparators!