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KSVs register in EDID Map of ADV7511W

Question asked by Keiichi.Okuji Employee on Aug 28, 2014
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BKSV is defined as 40bit  each. ADV7511( and also W version) divides this 40bit to 5 bytes and stores up to 13 BKSVs  in the EDID Map registers. ADV7511W programming  guide Table 71 shows  KSVs registers as below.


The total number of KSV register is 13 x 5byte =65d so the address should be placed at 00 to 64 in decimal.  However, Table 71 shows this address from 0x00 to 0x64 but it should be 0x00 to 0x40.


Could you confirm it? And if my pointed out was true, can I have a kind of errata?



Table 71 HDCP Related Register (EDID Memory Map)

AddressTypeBitDefault ValueRegister NameFunction


RO[7:0]00000000BKSV0 – Byte 0Downstream KSV
0x01RO[7:0]00000000BKSV0 – Byte 1
0x02RO[7:0]00000000BKSV0 – Byte 2
0x03RO[7:0]00000000BKSV0 – Byte 3
0x04RO[7:0]00000000BKSV0 – Byte 4
0x05RO[7:0]00000000BKSV1– Byte 0
0x60RO[7:0]00000000BKSV12 – Byte 0
0x61RO[7:0]00000000BKSV12 – Byte 1
0x62RO[7:0]00000000BKSV12 – Byte 2
0x63RO[7:0]00000000BKSV12 – Byte 3
0x64RO[7:0]00000000BKSV12 – Byte 4