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ADV7612 Termination

Question asked by tarjanik on Aug 27, 2014
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I have a question about ADV7612 Clock and Data Termination. What does it mean exactly? Something tells me, that it has nothing to do with terminating resistors.

The UG-216 reference manual mention it, and after a short search in the existing post, it became clear to me, that it is important. What does the termination control register influence?

In a post I read "No TMDS pixel clock usually means no termination". I suppose the termination does'nt mean a terminating method (like pull up resistors ect.).


It is also not clear to me, whether I should use terminating resistors for the input TMDS signals. Some post mentions the ADV7612 has internal terminator resistors, but I haven't seen it in any data sheet.


Thanks in advance