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ADE5569 Isource (logic output parameter) description

Question asked by Ivan-Rusov Employee on Aug 27, 2014
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ADE5569 datasheet (page 9) contains "Isourse" parameter in Digital Interface - Logic Output section. Digital Interface - Logic Input section contains "Input Currents Port0,1,2" parameter. Isourse = 80 uA max. Input Currents Port0,1,2 = -8.5 uA.

Figure 118 (page 149) shows structure of IO pins.

PINMAPx.x = 0 (Internal Pull-up resistor is used). When I connect Px.x PIN to the ground I get 5 uA current flow (correct). So my question is how could I get 80 uA source current from output pin? Could you please describe IO stage in details? Thank you in advance.