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Eval ADAU1442 change clock problem

Question asked by dbns on Aug 26, 2014
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I used the FAQ:


FAQ: How do I change the sample rate of my SigmaStudio system?

I am facing a problem when I use the sigma studio to set the Eval adau1442 to work at 96 Khz.
BCLK and LRCLK not change when I change 48 Khz to 96 Khz in sigma studio (and download it, like FAQ instructions).

At 96 kHz, according to the datasheet, page 31 and Table 18, the frequency of BCLK should be 6.144 MHz.
But in the Oscilloscope, BCLK frequency remains 3.07 MHz and LRCLK 48 Khz.

The Eval continues working normally, when it should cut the audio due to the fact of being at 96 Khz, and

ADC/DAC set to 48Khz by default (hardware).

Attached pictures of a simple project.

I will use the ADC pcm1804 and DAC pcm1690 with adau1442, the table of sampling frequecy are attached. Apparently adc will need to be clocked by 24.576 Mhz. Am i wrong?

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