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AD2S82A application circuit

Question asked by BarryF_S on Aug 26, 2014
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I would like to request some information about the AD2S82A (resolver to digital converter) part.


1) In the data sheet for the part, on page 8 it mentions "PC compatible software is available to help users...". I have been unable to find this software on the AD website. Please could you let me know how to access this software or could someone email me a copy of this?


2) The calculations for the component values stated in application note AN-266 seem to disagree with the values I calculate using the equations from the data sheet (Rev B). Should I stick with the data sheet values?

3) The data sheet may have an error on page 8 - in the HF filter section, with reference to the equation for calculating the value of C1. Should be C1=C2=...

Thanks for your help.