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How to do 2 channel simultaneous sampling using ADAS3023

Question asked by keddy on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2014 by jcolao

I got one customer who is using ADAS3023 Eval kit and EVAL-CED1Z to do DAS testing. He wants to do 2 inputs channels simultaneous sampling. so he set CFG using 2 input channels, but he can't see CH0 & CH4 data in SDO output. below is the set up sequence he do:


  1. Trigger PD pin =  Low-High for 100ns then to Low again
  2. Delay 2us (Tried also with 1us, 500ns and 100ns)
  3. Trigger Reset pin = Low-High for 100ns then to Low again
  4. Delay 2us
  5. Start Conversion pulse and wait 500ns
  6. Enable CS = Low, send 16-SCK with CFG word = 0x900E + (16-SCK x 7-Ch)
  7. Dummy 16-SCK x 8-Ch   [For 1st SOC/EOC]
  8. Dummy 16-SCK x 2-Ch   [For 2ND SOC/EOC]

From the oscilloscope, he can't lock into sampling CH0 & CH4. What's wrong with the sequence?


The other thing is the Eval software we downloaded from the product website is different from the user guide (UG-515). Such as UG-515 shows the GUI can enable SDO2/Busy, but the software we downloaded can't do the setting. is there any update on the user guide?