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Erroneous color result when SFL between ADV7180 and ADV7343

Question asked by usaghi on Aug 26, 2014
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We are trying to use SFL, Subcarrier Frequency Lock, by using ADV7180 output SFL signal and receive it by ADV7343 on the prototyping board, not EVB.

However picture which is output from ADV7343, is able to watch but color on the picture is entirely strange and invalid.

We are setting following registers, and these are only registers for SFL. 



0x04 bit1 (EN_SFL_PIN): 1  (SFL output enable)

0x41 bit6 (SFL_INV): 0   (SFL compatible with ADV73xx encoders)



0x84  bit2&1 (SD SFL/SCR/TR mode select): 11  (SLF mode enable)

-> Subcarrier Frequency registers are not changed since no instruction can be found in documentation.


Could you please let us know if there are other necessary setups or any comments in regard to the root cause of erroneous color ?


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PS: I read similar thread of 3 years ago, however I could not understand what was the issue.

  Please let us know and confirm what is basically need when SFL, at first.