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Error while running Up/Down Scaler on PVP

Question asked by lalitha123 on Aug 26, 2014
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I was trying to just debug the UDS_pipe_Core0 example code on BF609 EZKIT. Loaded this code on core0. Din't load any code on core1. When I was trying to debug, the disassembly shows that it is pointing to L2 ROM(0xC8000010) and when I run with the default configuration ( ran it as Cross Core Application) an error is thrown up which is attached below.


I terminated and relaunched the application and tried to debug, then the disassembly shows that the PC is pointing to L1 Instruction SRAM of core1(0xFF600000). As per the code, core1 is not used. When I tried to run the code, the same exception error is being thrown.


Please check and let me know if I have to change any debug/run configuration.