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ADV7513 in SD mode

Question asked by HankZ on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by Ecunha79

We develop a SDI (serial digital video interface) to HDMI converter board based

on GS2970 (SDI deserializer) and ADV7513.


The board works fine in HD 720p, HD 1080i and HD 1080p (with audio and 20m of

HDMI cable). But we can't do SD 480i standard to work.


We have tried several modes and configurations in order to make SD 480i run but

it didn't work.


Do you know some issue related with 480i mode?


Our 480i video is generated from Tektronix TG700 (like NTSC converted to SDI

SD), with these parameters:


480i @ 59.94Fields/s

1716 Total Horizontal Clocks per line (858 clocks in 20bits mode)

1440 Clocks for Active Video (720 clocks in 20bits mode)

276 Clocks for horizontal blanking (138 clocks in 20bits mode)

Field 1: 22 Vertical Blanking Lines

Field 1: 240 Active Vertical Lines per field

Field 2: 23 Vertical Blanking Lines

Field 2: 240 Active Vertical Lines per field.


If we can take this private I can supply code and schematics.