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The AD5420 ,The problem of readbacking the  status register

Question asked by jett on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by DRice

HI, everyone

        My project using the AD5420 output the 4-20mA  current,now it can output the right current,but i can not readback the right value of the status register.i catch the Readback Mode Timing Diagram ,it's ok.I first send 0x02 ,0x0000, then,send 0x00 0x0000 and read the data . The value of the status register i read always show 0x04。I read the datasheet of AD5420 ,the third bit of the status register means the Iout fault ,the second bit means Slew active,the first bit means overtemp .but the output current is right?

     I  hope someone can give me some advice,thanks!


best wishes!