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Limitations of using AD8352 amplifier with AD9434 ADC?

Question asked by blonske on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by jperalta

Hi Everyone,


Are there any limitations of using the AD8352 amplifier with the AD9434 ADC? They are shown together in the ADC datasheet, but now the website for that part recommends a newer amplifier, the ADL5562. We need a 1GHz analog front end and will be sampling it at 500MHz. My question arises from the following line from the press release for the newer amplifier. Why do they say the AD8352 has a limit of 380MHz?


"The ADL5561 and ADL5562 are capable of maintaining performance while driving ADCs up to 500 MHz, exceeding the industry’s previous maximum of 380 MHz, set in 2005 by ADI’s AD8352 differential amplifier."