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Dynamic bass boost in a 2.1 stereo design

Question asked by SpeakerDude on Aug 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by KJBob



I am designing a 2.1 stereo system using ADAU1702 and I want to make use of the dynamic bass boost block.


My signal chain is: input -> parametric EQ -> 2-way crossover -> bass boost -> rms compressor -> output


My question is: Is it is correct to add the bass boost to the "low freq channel" after the corssover or should I add the bass boost block directly to the unprocessed signal like:


  input -> dynamic bass boost -> parametric EQ -> 2-way crossover -> rms compressor -> output


What effects, (pros/cons) will the two different ways have? Which one is to prefer?