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ADV7441A and ADV7604/ADV7614 Differences

Question asked by guang on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2010 by guang

Are there any documented listings for feature differeces among the ADV7441A, ADV7604 and ADV7614 ICs? They are all video decoders with HDMI/Component input, with some differences as I happened to find out as listed below:

1. ADV7604/7614 removed Standard Definition input support (SD-M operation mode) that was present in ADV7441A

2. ADV7604/7614 added 2 more HDMI input thus become 4:1 HDMI mux against ADV7441A's 2:1

3. ADV7604 added specific higher resolution register setup values upto 1920X1200 for PRIM_MODE[3:0]==0010

4. ADV7604/7614 uses BGA packaging as against ADV7441A's LQFP


Any more detailed listings? Or corrections for the above?