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PVP - THC0 Coefficient updated on-the-fly But not took effect.

Question asked by Sarathkumar on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by jobo23



I am using CameraPipe PVP as below,

    EPPI0 --> IPF0 --> THC0-->OPF0--DMA46

Its working properly But if I update THC_MINTH or MAXTH register in running time, the change not affect the result still running with first-set value. But the register value is updated if i read it. Also I have updated it after checking PVP0_STAT.CPDC bit is set.


My initial configuration of PVP blocks:


//// OPF0

        *pREG_PVP0_OPF0_CFG        =      0x2001;

        *pREG_PVP0_OPF0_CTL        =   0x1101;   /////0x1202;


        //// THC0

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_CFG        =    0xC01;

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_CTL        =     0x60;

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_CMINVAL    =   0x0;

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_CMINTH    =     PVP_MIN_THRESH;

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_CMAXVAL    =    0xFF;

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_CMAXTH    =     PVP_MAX_THRESH;


        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_HFCNT    = 0x1;

        *pREG_PVP0_THC0_RMAXREP    = 8192; //// 4x2048=8192-->reports per frame




        /// IPF0

        *pREG_PVP0_IPF0_PIPECTL = 0x0; /// 0x11 for drain mode

        *pREG_PVP0_IPF0_CTL        = 0x180010;

        *pREG_PVP0_IPF0_FCNT    = 0; //// 0 for continuous operation on frames

        *pREG_PVP0_IPF0_HCNT    = FRAME_WIDTH;


        /// Enable PVP

        *pREG_PVP0_IPF0_CFG        = 0x1;