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Sigma Studio Ver 3.11 Build 1. Rev 1356 Mixer Bug?

Question asked by mharkins on Aug 21, 2014
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I'm running Sigma Studio Ver 3.11 BUild 1. Rev 1356.  And I have a 4 input, 3 output mixer.  My assumption from reading the literature is that the inputs are represented by the rows of controls, while the outputs are the columns creating a 4-row, 3-column mixer board.  My issue is that when I set up the first row (input) for the desired outputs, and set the remaining three rows (9 controls) to -200dB, I still get bleed through from the inputs that are effectively turned off.  I proved this by inserting mute blocks into the input lines and muting them and my bleed through signal disappeared.  Is there an issue with this control, or am I misunderstanding something?