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Multi-dsp design with 1452

Question asked by Brainstream on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by Olombo

Dear everyone,


I'm making my first steps with DSP hardware design with the sigma DSP platform and have a few questions. I have successfully started to use the ADAU1452-MINIZ board and was wondering about the ability of SigmaStudio to assign processing blocks to different DSP ICs in a possible multi-dsp design.


The user interface seems to suggest that I can route data between processing blocks located on different DSP ICs, and such a configuration compiles fine. Since I don't have a multi-processor board for testing, I was wondering if this really works like that. Does SigmaStudio automatically take care of the data transfer between processors? If yes, what kind of hardware connection is required and does the data transfer count against the total of 48 i/o channels? Or am I completely mislead and I have to explicitly route the audio between the processors using the i/o terminals?

Next, is my understanding of the i/o limit correct, that it allows you to have a total i/o count of 48 so for example 32 ins and 16 outs? Is there any way to increase this limit for certain sampling rates?

Finally, I've had some trouble finding the schematic terminal in the 1452 component tree-view. Since it's a non-functional component (as in, it doesn't rely on any hardware processing or properties) I'm surprised it's not available. Or am I not looking in the right spot?