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about output polarity of ADV7511

Question asked by Shota on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2014 by Shota

About output sync polarity of ADV7511 , I have one question.

Because I set polarity of the output Sync , I set a register of ADV7511 as follows.

      Register Write                                                          Register Read
ADV7511 main  Add 0x17                                      ADV7619 HDMI     Add 0x05
[6] (Vsync Pol)   0  :  High polarity --->   [4](DVI_VSYNC_POL)  0 : The Vsync is actuve Low                                             
[5] (Hsync Pol)   1  :  Low  polarity---->   [5](DVI_HSYNC_POL)  1 : The Hsync is actuve High

However, as a result of having confirmed polarity in ADV7619(HDMI Add 0x05), the result was wrong.
The logic was reversed.

As for the notation of ADV7511_Programming_Guide(p42) Sync Pol, is it a mistake?


Please reply it early.