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Why I can not clear the ADCC_FISTAT.FINT0 bit?

Question asked by hlg on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Prashant

Hi all

       I  using CM03F'S ADC to sampling a sine wave signal ,and I want to operate in DMA mode to transfer 512 bytes to the internal sram.

So I use GPTMR0 to be  ADC0 trigger,and config the DMA mode enable.Then I set the ADCC_CTL.EN bit to enable the ADC.But the problem is the ADC0 only converted one time,then the ADCC_FISTAT.FINT0 change to '1'.

      The Hardware Reference Manual said "Note that the frame completion status bits must be acknowledged by clearing it before the next trigger appears. Otherwise, the trigger is ignored, and the trigger overrun error condition is flagged.".So I want to clear

the ADCC_FISTAT.FINT0 bit.But when I write 1 to the ADCC_FIMSK_CLR.FINT0 bit to clear the ADCC_FIMSK.FINT0 bit.The  ADCC_FIMSK.FINT0 bit always '1',The ADC only transfer one Frame,because it ignored other triggers.I think may be I make some mistakes.I see the EE-365: Code example ,they use the DMA17/18 to clear  the interrupt bit.I do it like the code example,but  also can not cleared.

       Would anyone give me some advise.

       Best regards.