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how to use ADE7878 to calculate the power ?

Question asked by on Aug 19, 2014
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I am working with the ADE7878 for a 3-phase  industrial application,i need to measure voltage,current,active power,apparent power,active energy,power factor, coefficient of resistor divider is 1411,CT is 3000:1 ,and current sample resistor is 4.7ohm,input power is 50w,voltage is 220v,so current is 0.227.

all configure without gain,and i can have calculated vrms and irms are 216V(input voltage maybe a little less than 220v) and 0.243A ,but ,when i read the power from xWATT registers are d'980'~d"1010",it seems 50w should multiplied 20 ,it is same as xVA registers,i am confused ,how can i get correct value?


how could i use this formula?Ufs = 0.5/1.414  ?;Ifs = 0.5/1.414  ??;  Uk = 216/1141 ? ;Ik = 0.227? but no matter how,i still can not get the value of d"980"~d"1010"