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[ADV7611] INP_COLOR_SPACE[3:0] and register settings.

Question asked by Tamu on Aug 20, 2014
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I have questions about register settings of ADV7611.


Question 1:
There is a following description on HW manual (UG-180.pdf) page. 93 "Table 38. Automatic CSC Selection".
INP_COLOR_SPACE[3:0] (Input Color Space)
00 = RGB
01 = (YCbCr /YUV 601)
10 = (YCbCr /YUV 709)

These are different from table of "INP_COLOR_SPACE[3:0]" on page. 92.
How should we understand INP_COLOR_SPACE[3:0] of Table 38?
What does INP_COLOR_SPACE[3:0] of Table 38 indicate?


Question 2:
The customer's use case is as follows:

HDMI Input:
   Unspecified (Not fixed) HDMI Source.

  YCbCr4:2:2 16bit
  BT.601 color space
  (range 0 to 255)


The video processer next to ADV7611 can accept only YCbCr4:2:2 16bit, BT.601 color space, range 0 to 255.
Could you tell me register settings of ADV7611 for this case?


Thank you!
Best regards.