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ADSP-21469 with 512 MByte DDR2

Question asked by StefanS on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by AlClark

Does anybody have experience with a ADSP21469 design and 512 MByte DDR2 attached to it?


We want to connect 2 x Micron MT47H128M16 (2 Gb x 16) to the DDR2 interface. We are a bit concerned about signal integrity.


Does following statement in the hardware reference manual (p. 4-99) apply?


"Buffering Controller for Multiple DDR2s

If using multiples DDR2s or modules, the capacitive load will exceed the

controller’s output drive strength. In order to bypass this problem an

external register (SSTL18 class) can be used for decoupling by setting bit

24 in DDR2CTL0 register. This adds a cycle of data buffering to read and

write accesses."


We´d appreciate any feedback on this.