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AD5933/AD5934 impedance converter questions

Question asked by ThomasW on Aug 19, 2014
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I have a couple of questions about the AD impedance converters.


1) Everything I have seen with these components demonstrates frequency sweeps (including the demo&design tool). I need to continuously monitor a single frequency -- is this possible, and if so, what is the minimum time per data point I could expect in the high frequency range?


2) What is the advantage of AD5933 over AD5934? The sampling rate is higher than the theoretical limitation of 100 kHz for both of them?


3) What imposes the frequency limitation for either of those components? If it is the frequency generator, can this be overcome somehow by using an external frequency generator?


4) What is the advantage of utilizing the CN0217 circuit over the EVAL-AD5933/34 circuit? The CN0217 only vaguely states that it "optimizes the overall accuracy".


Many thanks in advance!


-Thomas W