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ADV7403 unused pin connection requirement

Question asked by Bhanuprakash_Nayak on Aug 19, 2014
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Dear Analog Devices Team


We are designing a board with ADV7403BSTZ-110, as require S-Video i.e YC input in our design.

So there will be only two analog input pins used. Unused analog input pins we are shorting to analog ground as per the Reference manual of the ADV7403.


Here we are using i.MX6Quad Processor and 8bit CSI interface( ITU-R, BT.656, YCrCb,4:2:2).


Below are few queries which we came across during our design phase:


  1. There are many digital I/O which are not used in our case (i.e other than YC input and YCrCB output section ), What should be the status of these unused pins, Is there any specific requirement ? such as It should be pulled up, pulled down, should be connected to Analog ground or Digital ground ?
  2. To be specific here are the list of the pins which we are not using are, Please let us know what should be the status of these pins when we are not using it or any document which has these information.
        1. P0 to P40, ( Except P19 to P12, which will be used for interfacing to i.Mx6Quad processor).
        3. For CML and REFOUT pins we can see a capacitor network in the recommend circuit design , is there any specific document which speaks about selection of these capacitors, or we need to consider the recommend values ?
        4. TEST1 pin is No Connect in the datasheet but the development platform its connected to a circuitry. Which one is the preferred option ?



Thanks and Regards

Bhanuprakash Nayak

Member Technical Hardware