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Analog Video to JPG Image Conversion

Question asked by on Sep 16, 2010
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I have an application were we want to use an underwater cmos camera in Antarctica, at a remote ice pack station. Only have 12V battery and Iridium Satellite transmission. Need to find a device (if one exists) that will take analog video and convert (on a trigger signal) a jpg image, which we need to store on a data logger.


The camera being considered is a


We are interfacing to a Campbell Scientific data logger (CR1000):


Though we may be able to use in IP interface device if needed:


In the past we have used an ADVC image converter to take underwater cameras, convert the signal, record to a digital camcorder, but this was a manned application, not remote:


So, looking for a Analog Video signal -> Digital JPG Image Converter where the "snap" of the image conversion can be controlled.


Thanks for any input, for an example site in the North Pole (but no underwater), see: