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TMP01 battery operation

Question asked by dw2600 on Aug 18, 2014
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I'm working with the TMP01 chip to regulate temperature using batteries as the power supply.  I have setup the chip to operate as in Figure 15b on the datasheet where it will turn on a heating element when the low temperature setpoint is reached.


The device works perfectly for a while but then something happens to the temperature regulation where the temperature (which I monitored using a separate device) starts to run way up (at least 5-10 C over the setpoint) until fading (likely because the batteries run out of power).  The log of the test is attached to this post.  I have tried this with different batteries (6V lantern battery and a set of 4 D cells) and I observed the same temperature control followed by a temperature spike and complete loss of heating ability.


Does anyone have ideas as to why this would behave in such a manner? I suspect it has to do with the supply voltage dropping below the minimum supply voltage (about 4.1V) but I don't understand why it would cause the heater to turn on.


Thanks for your comments.