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ADUM6404: Not starting internal DC/DC after short power interruption on two devices

Question asked by kusi on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by bkennedy


In one running product (DC/DC converter) we have used the part ADUM6404A, which has now failed in operation in the 2nd unit in the field.

The failure behaviur is the following:

If the 5V input to the internal DC/DC converter (5VS_D) gets interrupted in operation for a short time (< 2 seconds), and then comes back, the output of the internal DC/DC converter does not start up anymore.

Later and in general, if the 5V input then gets interrupted for a longer time (for example > 5s), the internal DC/DC converter does start up again.

By replacing the ADUM6404A the failure disappears again.

I have the two failed chips available here for inspection, our customer is quite concerned as this is a critical phase in the project.

- Is this a known failure mode of these kind of devices?

- May the issue be related to a specific production lot only? The parts have been sourced from distribution.

- Is such a behaviour related to ageing?


Thanks for your help on this